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I like to read photography books, and particularly books about the business of photography. I’ve been considering a ‘Great Reads’ section on this blog, so that readers of Beyond Here have an easy reference to a range of great photography books. So here it is! The first post under the category of Great Reads. I’ll keep it short and sharp, and hopefully nothing like the dreary book reviews I did in high school English class!

This week I have re-read an outstanding book called Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders.

What is it about? Fast Track Photographer will challenge the way you think about your photography business and your role in the photography industry. It doesn’t look at photography tips, or equipment, or composition. It assumes your level of photographic capability is at least good – and highlights that the key differentiator of your photography business is not your images, products, or equipment. The key differentiator is you. It then builds on that concept by encouraging you to focus your time and effort where you can add value, and to outsource tasks where you can’t. This is radical thinking if you are in start up mode and doing everything yourself.

What can you expect? Challenge! If you are starting out in your photography business or are already under way this book will challenge how you think about your business. It provides an online tool to assess your level of capability and then outlines different types of career options. Sanders divides that into two distinct options – Signature Brand Photographers and Freelance Photographers. He describes each and helps identify which skill sets will suit each option.

Visual content? None! Yes, this is a book about the business of photography that has no images in it. It is 240 pages of text. This is a master stroke from Sanders as you do not get distracted by great images, you focus on the content and the message. Yes, its a great book about the business of photography with absolutely no images.

Outcomes? Fast Track Photographer will help you to consider what makes your photography business different, and how to maximise those differentiators. It will also challenge you to outsource all of the tasks within your business which you do not add value to. After reading this book I am clearer on the key offerings I bring to my wedding photography clients.

Rating and Recommendation? Wow. This book can radically change how you think about and operate your photography business. For me it has been a huge help for my own business. And so has Sanders follow up book The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan. I recommend this book to anyone starting up a photography business, or who is already operating but finding it hard going. 10 out of 10!

Thanks for reading the first in this series of posts Great Reads – Fast Track Photographer. I welcome your comments. Please add them to this post. Have you read Fast Track Photographer? What were your key learnings?

(If you would like to buy this book – it is available through Amazon. There is a link to Amazon in the margin of Beyond Here. Thanks again for reading Great Reads – Fast Track Photographer.)


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