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From Start to Finish

One of the unexpected benefits I have gained from Beyond Here has been the diverse range of creative people I have met or have swapped messages with. It has been inspiring to see the range of projects people are tackling all around the world. I recently met Rebecca McIntosh. Rebecca is a model based in Melbourne, Australia where we were able to meet face to face. She kindly contributed this post for Beyond Here – A Model’s Tips for a Successful TFP Photo Shoot – and she is a contestant in Miss World Australia. In this post, Rebecca shares an exciting project she is working on and outlines how you can be involved. It is called “From Start to Finish”. Let’s hear more from Rebecca.

Rebecca McIntosh

Photo credit. Model Rebecca McIntosh. Photography Vispenn Photography

Rebecca, tell us about your experience participating in Miss World Australia.

Hi Craig! For those who don’t know, Miss World is the longest-running international beauty pageant, which focuses not only on external beauty, but more importantly, on character. Dedication, motivation, and generosity are all assessed in the ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ program whereby contestants are encouraged to raise funds for the allocated charity.

This is my first time competing in the Miss World Australia pageant, so to be honest, it can be a bit daunting! Every contestant has her advantages; some have been competing in pageants for years, some are professional models, and some have professional experience with marketing. However, I love the challenge because I know it will make me develop into an even better person. Miss World Australia has been a journey that has pushed my boundaries and made me reach out to do things that I have never tried before, especially with regards to raising money for charity.

Which charity are you raising money for?

Miss World Australia is a registered fundraising organisation raising funds for Variety – the Children’s Charity. Variety Australia is a not-for-profit non-government organisation that thrives on the generosity of the community to provide equipment and experiences to Australian children who suffer from disability, serious illness, or disadvantage. Variety basically does anything it can to enrich the lives of children, be it through providing medical apparatus, organizing outings, or granting scholarships.

What is the major fund raising activity you are planning?

Rebecca McIntosh

Photo credits. Model, Rebecca McIntosh. Photography, Tacitic Photography

To raise funds for Variety, I have organised a photography workshop entitled ‘From Start to Finish’, to take place on Friday 7th August at the venue ‘Quat Quatta’ in Ripponlea (Melbourne, Australia). This day events comprises three parts: an informative photography seminar, a photo shoot, and a retouching seminar. It’s essentially an all-encompassing workshop demonstrating what you can improve on as a photographer from the start to the finish of the shoot. I’ve been lucky enough to make an arrangement with Social Value – Mark Scott Photography to sponsor the workshop, and I’ve brought together a teams of models, make up artists, hairstylist / hair extensions provider, and designer who are all sponsoring the event. I’m particularly excited for the photo shoot – our designer Vicoola Fashionista has the most gorgeous gowns!

What do photographers need to do to participate?

Interested photographers can email me at missworldvictoria@gmail.com for the comprehensive information booklet, and to make a booking. The event, which goes from 11am to 4pm, costs $80, and requires full payment to secure the place.

To make the workshop more intimate, I have limited bookings to thirty places, so I’d recommend all interested photographers to contact me as soon as possible!

Beyond Here has readers all around the world. How can Beyond Here readers who can’t come to the event, contribute to your fund raising efforts?

Anyone can donate directly to Variety – the Children’s Charity, through my EverydayHero page https://missworldaustralia2015.everydayhero.com/au/rebecca-mcintosh

If this event goes well enough, I’m hoping to organize another one on a weekend!

Beyond Here readers will be interested in how to organize an event like this. What are your top three pieces of advice to people wanting to organize similar events?

Rebecca McIntosh

Photo credits. Model, Rebecca McIntosh. Photography, Tacitic Photography

1) Find a great venue, not just any venue. If you’re organizing a fundraiser photo shoot, you need to find a place that is happy either to give you a discount or to sponsor you the area. Keep your charity and your plan in focus. While I could have written up a generic email to send to all the venues I know, I instead specifically targeted Quat Quatta; they were the first and only venue I contacted. I knew that Quat Quatta would be the ideal workspace for such an event, because it has multiple places to shoot, is located in a prestigious area, and allows for a seminar setup in the dining room. I told the Quat Quatta staff all of this, so they knew that I was considering them specifically to help me with Variety – the Children’s Charity. Don’t settle for anything; and aim high and precisely.

2) Use your network. Everyone who has a common interest is useful. While I was compiling images from Mark Scott’s latest shoots for the information pack, I saw a photo of a model with amazingly luscious hair. I contacted the hairstylist with a proposal to join the group, and was delightfully surprised that she wanted to help! She even offered to bring hair extensions to style with! People are quite generous when it comes to working towards a fundraising event, especially as it helps get their name out in a positive light. I trust the people on my team because I know that they want to be part of the event, and they trust me because they know me through their network (and I, too, obviously want to be part of the event).

3) Be organised but flexible. Be prepared to spend many hours composing, formatting, and updating documents. I have everything documented: from each model’s hair length, to the last person who commented on my ‘From Start to Finish’ Facebook post. At the same time, remember that everyone has their own lives, and that volunteering is not going to be everyone’s top priority. Nobody is going to be constantly available for your plans. Some people may take weeks to confirm a detail, some people may pull out abruptly. All you can do is try your best to accommodate the changes and be patient with the whole process. Enjoy it! You’re doing a great thing for the world.

Rebecca, thank you very much for sharing about the ‘From Start to Finish’ event. Best wishes for the event and for your participation in Miss World Australia. Readers who would like to see more of Rebecca’s work, please see Rebecca McIntosh’s Facebook Page